The Visitor

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I haven’t blogged in FOREVER, I’ve been busy with work, life, etc. And, this week we have company. Company, that has been good for me. I’ve seen thigns that I haven’t seen in the 5 years that I’ve lived in Cleveland. I have been places that are amazing, and I plan to visit again.

Last year about this time I was going through HELL, and I would sit and have conversations with Jordan for hours. He told me in one of those conversations that he was going to come see me for Spring Break. I really didn’t think it would happen, he’s young, and there are FAR COOLER destinations than Cleveland! But, much to my surprise he’s here.

We’ve had a pretty good time. We hit the St. Patty’s Day parade, some downtown Cleveland hot spots, the Art Museum, the snow covered beach, and we’ve hung out, caught up, and educated each other on the latest happenings. I’ve been able to take most of this week off at 1pm from work so that we could spend some time together, and we’ve had a blast. We have a few more sites to see but then, Sunday we will pack the car back up and head to Chicago again to drop him back off. I can only hope he’s had as good of a time as I have.



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After finding out that my brother and his wife were expecting, my mom called me and left me a message on Valentine’s Day to “call me, but if you haven’t talked to your brother, try him first.” I didn’t get the message until Monday morning, I called her back at lunch since our phones were down. I sat at my desk and talked to her for a bit. We caught up some, mostly about happenings in my hometown. For some reason talking to my mom is always “gossip” who died, who’s pregnant, etc. Our converstaion lacks the personal touch.

In our conversation, I told her that we’d moved. She was a bit surprised that I hadn’t told her. She asked for our new address and if it was around the same price, etc. I answered all of her questions and though I know she’s not at all dumb, she never once said anything about my boo (new name for “dude”)living with me. I am assuming she’s choosing to ignore the obvious. This makes me very sad. I was hoping that news of the baby would bring us closer together. Instead as we talked about the possibilities of how the baby would look, act, etc. All she could say to me was that I was going to miss out living so far away.

I guess I still have a glimmer of hope that when WE go home in September that things will be different for us. I hope to see my parents at their home, I want to see my brother’s new home and be there to hold the baby. WE can’t wait to meet OUR niece. I just hope that WE are able to have an enjoyable trip.

(And as a side note: Kelly……..I just approved your comment the other day as life has been VERY hectic lately. I want to tell you thank you very much though! I will be in touch.)


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My relationship with my family is strained to say the least. In January I text my brother to tell him Happy Birthday and I got no response, then that night after work I called him. It appeared that someone answered but would then hang up. I thought the first time that I had lost the call since I was in the middle of downtown and all the big buildings. I called again, same thing. I emailed my mom and told her I was disappointed in the fact that my brother wouldn’t even take my call. But, no one ever said anything more about it so I moved on.

The week before Valentine’s Day I was on my facebook looking and seeing that SO many of my friends were announcing that they were pregnant. As I sat at home on Valentine’s Day watching tv, I got a text message. “Big news, you are going to be an aunt in Sept.” It was a text from my brother. I was thrilled. We conversed via text for a few minutes and it all the sudden dawned on me. I am goign to be home in September for my aunt’s wedding. I was hoping and praying that I could kill two birds with one stone.

The baby is due on the 11th. The wedding is on the 18th. If all goes as planned, I will be able to see my new niece and watch my aunt get married all at once. And, by the way for those of you that know that it’s still too early to know what they are having, the Chinese Fertility Calendar says it’s a girl. And, both my sister in law and I looked on this without having even told one another! My brother told my mom that it’s “horseshit”. They will find out in another couple months, but for now I am going to innundate him with pink!


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The other night I was at work and I didn’t take my cell phone. When I got home it was nearly 11pm and I had a few unread texts. Thinking that they were probably nothing, I did a few things around the house and got ready for bed. Just as I was in the midst of reading the first one from a friend, I got a text from my mom. Something about, “on our way home.” I noticed it had been sent twice. I scrolled through the rest of my unread texts. My dad had fallen and she was sitting in the ER with him.

Immediately I called. I’ve only talked to my mom a couple of times since Christmas, and it was because I was sick and I just really needed to hear my mom’s voice. She was on her way to get the car in the hospital parking lot. She told me what had happened, and that it’s happened three times in the last week. Mainly because my dad still thinks that he’s a “young buck” and can conquer the ice and snow etc. When she finally got to the door to pick him up, she gave him the phone.

He told me what had happened and how. We talked about a few things, my jobs, his job, etc. I told him to be more careful, etc. We ended the conversation with the usual I love you. The next night, he had called and left me a message but my phone was having one of it’s “moments” so it wasn’t showing he’d left a message. I called him back. Someone had called their house for me and left a message pertining to an important matter. He told me that they’d had a big story on a hacker getting into the casino computers in Council Bluffs where my ex had once worked and perhaps something was going on the needed to be addressed. I took down the number and then I asked him how he was feeling. We talked for a few minutes then Dude walked in and told me to tell him hi for him and that he hopes he’s feeling better. My dad promptly ended the call.

I am so sad that our relationship is so destroyed by the simple fact that my boyfriend is black. I realize my dad grew up in a “different era” and I know that him being a police officer has skewed his perception of people a little  more than the usual, but he hasn’t even made an effort to get to know Dude at all!

I want for the next time I am home to see my parents. I want my dad to sit there with us and teach Dude how to play cribbage, because that’s what we do and because my dad is the BEST at cribbage. I mean I could teach Dude, but in reality Dad really needs to teach him. I want him to meet my brother, and for us to be able to sit and share stories of our lives with my parents. It will never happen, he will never accept it, and for that I am heartbroken.

On Moving

•January 25, 2010 • 2 Comments

I HATE moving. I’ve moved what seems like a million times. Since I’ve lived in Ohio, I’ve had six addresses. Well this is the sixth one. I love my place though and I am hoping that it will be quite sometime until I have to go to #7.

This March will mark 5 years since I moved to Ohio. And really only in the last year have I really liked it here. I am not sure if that’s because I’ve done more and seen more in that one year than I did in the previous four or what. I am excited to start unpacking and arranging what little I have. I can’t wait to make my house a home. I’ve been shopping online for furniture for all the rooms in my house. I can’t wait to get settled.

On another note, I talked to my mom a couple times last week. The first time I called her I was in so much pain I could hardly breathe. The second time was to let her know what the doctor said. She told me to take it easy this weekend and we hung up. Our conversation still isn’t anything like it used to be. Whenever I mention dude she does the “uh huh’s”. I am not sure if I should have just told her I moved or if I should just let it be until she asks. She know not to send things to my home address anyway so really do I need to tell her?

Can you say BUSY!??

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This past weekend, our company had their annual “holiday” party. I like that it’s later than most. This way people’s lives aren’t so hectic. Dude and I went to the party, mingled with some co workers then we headed just up the street to the Holiday Inn. One of my co-workers was kind enough to share their discount connection. It was a nice break if even just for the night. (Dude and I had originally planned to spend the weekend of the 9th in a quaint and cozy B&B in the middle of PA. Unfortunately, his profession doesn’t allow for this if there is inclement weather in the forecast.)

We got to the hotel met up with a couple co workers for a night cap at the “geriatric disco” and headed to our room. Geriatric disco, you ask? I am not even kidding when I tell you that this place is a meat market for old folks. It’s hysterical to just go and watch these people. The ladies still have 80’s hair and dress and the men well into their 60’s still think they’ve “got it.” I’ve only ever gone there for entertainment purposes.

The rest of the weekend we really didn’t do much of anything. In fact Saturday other than leaving the hotel to come home, we didn’t do anything, we vegged and watched movies. Sunday dude had to go to work for a bit and I attempted to start packing. I really don’t have much, especially since we aren’t taking the living room furniture, but the thought of packing AGAIN deters me. I know I need to get my butt in gear as I have a ton of laundry to wash, drapes and rugs to wash and pack, and I must mention that we are moving Saturday and I have to work EVERY night this week but tonight.

I am thinking that I will be pulling A LOT of late nights this week! Fortunately, Dude had offered to go to the laundromat tomorrow while I am at work. I can’t wait until I don’t have to haul laundry! Now, if the weather Gods will work in our favor, that would be great. I am not asking for snow, but I am asking for freezing temperatures so that we don’t track gunk all over the new carpet.

Coming Out of Hibernation

•January 14, 2010 • 1 Comment

I haven’t posted in what seems like forever. It’s been nearly a month in fact. A lot of things have happened. The holidays came and went, and really I hardly noticed. My wallet did, but that was about the end of it. I am going to do a bullet post because I feel like I need to update my blog for me since it’s kind of become my journal of sorts.

  • Christmas Eve we spent at my “in-love’s”
  • For Christmas dinner I made baked mashed potatoes, fresh green beans, prime rib and cheesecake. It was super delicious!
  • My dad called me on Christmas day and I talked to both he and my mom for a bit. They picked up right where we’d left off. As if nothing ever happened, that was a bit hurtful, but that’s the was they want to operate.
  • The day after Christmas we also went to my “in-love’s” house.
  • I think that we spent the next day just lounging around the house enjoying each other’s company.
  • New Year’s Eve we also spent with my “in-love’s”. Dude showed off the ring he put on my finger.
  • Last week I searched for a new place to live because it’s too damn cold in my house, and well my lease is up. I found a great space and waited for nearly a week to find out if I could move in.
  • Satruday the 9th, Dude and I celebrated a year, we went and saw a good friend for her birthday. Also heard some crazy news from one of my nearest and dearest friends via the web. The whole family and then some are in my thoughts and prayers constantly.
  • This past Tuesday my “little” brother turned 27….Damn I am getting old. I tried to call him but he kept hanging up on me. Guess he doesn’t want to talk to me either!
  • I found out yesterday that I will have a new home. NEXT WEEKEND. Which means that I have packing and cleaning to do.
  • Did I mention that on top of all of this I am working a second job?

My fulltime job’s been CRAZY busy, then I go to my part time job, honestly by the time I get home I don’t have time to blog. I will perhaps make that one of my new years late resolutions. Until next time friends, Happy Belated New Year. My hopes for you are that 2010 is prosperous.