I’m Learning

A few weeks ago, Boo told me that we were goign to go get his daughter and I HAD to do something with her hair because it was a disaster. I’ve always loved trying new styles and having fun doing people’s hair, but this was going to be a learning adventure.

I know that us white girls’ hair is much different from a black girl. I know they can’t be washing their hair all the time, I know the basics. So, in preparation for N to come over, I conversed with a friend of mine who’s kids are mixed and she told me what to get. I walked into Walmart and hunted through all the hair products looking for Africa’s Best grease. I didn’t find any. I walked a couple aisles over and I asked a stock lady if they had what I was looking for. She didn’t know. I started to walk away only to turn around and say to her, “Can you help me because I am clueless.” She wanted to then know if N was black or mixed. We found some products, too much for what I was looking to do. She waked away, I found the stuff I was looking for and I was out.

That evening we went to get N, her hair was a disaster! We went up to his parent’s house and while we were sitting on the porch, his mom showed me how to do it. I had been braiding her hair, but as his mom said, “she’s not squirming it’s not tight enough.” She did a few braids and then told me I was on my own.

N now expects when she comes over that the first thing that’s going to be done when she gets to our house is her hair. The other night we sat on the porch for a couple hours straightening her hair. Unfortunately, we didn’t wrap her hair so the next day it was out of control! Last night we braided the front and straightened the back, and then we wrapped her up tight.

I get better and better each time. I have to redo it less and less, but my big problem with her is that she is at that awkward stage in life. She’s too old for the cutesy barettes and bows, but she’s not old enough for the relaxer, etc. Sunday before she goes home to her mom’s we’ll be back at it so that the hair do we give her will stay until the next weekend.


~ by tia0220 on April 9, 2010.

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