The Epitomy of Prejudice

This morning my boo and I woke up early and got ready to take Jordan back to Chicago. It was the beginning of a crazy day and the end of an awesome week. As we packed up my little car instead of his we reflected on the past week with Jordan. We stopped to get gas and oil for the car and hit the turnpike. I was driving, Boo was in the passenger front seat and Jordan was behind me since it was early, the guys had plans to sleep.

Six miles onto the turnpike we were all chatting having a good time. As we passed and emergency vehicle turn around we saw a trooper. I wasn’t speeding, we had on our seat belts, everything was good. As we continued, I noticed that the trooper had pulled onto the highway. I figured he was after the Tahoe that went flying past me. All of the sudden, he was right beside me. He stayed riding along side of us for a few minutes. Then all of the sudden, I was pulled over.

We weren’t doing anything wrong so I was quite surprised when the trooper approached the vehicle and asked for me to get my license and step out of the car. I got out of the car, he patted me down and asked me where we were headed. I told him Chicago and he asked why. I then told him I was taking a friend to Chicago. He then asked me to get in the back of his car. As I sat there he ran my license, told me he’d pulled me over for a cracked windshield, then called for backup. “Why is your passenger so nervous?” Nervous I asked? We were just having a good time talking, he’s not nervous about anything. He then informed me that he had K-9 working in the area and they’d be here to sniff out the car in a few minutes. He went back to my car and took both Boo and Jordan’s licenses. He then approached Boo’s door and asked him to get out of the car. He was searching him high and low, checking a spot on his shirt and kept grabbing his side holster. I couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. He let Boo get back in the car and sat with me in the car waiting for K-9. As we sat waiting, he ran all of our licenses.

As soon as they pulled up, they again took Boo from the car and placed him in the back of the second car. He then asked Jordan to get our and frisked him as well, then put him in the back of the car with me. The second trooper took the dog all around the car and of course found nothing. Jordan was asked to get out of the patrol car and into my car. Then Boo was taking out of the second unit and searched yet again before they let him get back in my car. As he sat there writing me a warning for my windshield, I asked him if we looked that suspicious. He said that we did. I understand my dad was a police officer for nearly 30 years. He told me to get my window fixed and if I were to get pulled over again to show them the warning.

I got back in the car and we headed down the road on our long journey. Once we were all in the car together and recounted what each of us had been asked it was VERY clear that we’d been pulled over because we were two white people and a black man. Three people that were having a good time. Boo happened to be turned back talking to Jordan and laughing when we passed the trooper. Apparently that was enough for him to think we looked suspicious. He’d asked us all indiviually where we were going and why. We’d all given him the same answer so that checked out. Boo tells me that he asked him repeatedly if he was going to find any drugs on him. He also asked Jordan after watching him put his phone in his pocket if there was anything else in his pocket. VERY obviously this was a case of prejudice. It happens periodically. Boo says, it’s going to happen just becacuse of who we are together. I know this, but in all reality, this was harrassment. That trooper couldn’t have seen that crack on my windshield until he walked up to my car. It’s not big enough for him to have seen otherwise. It was total bullshit, he never even asked for my insurance or registration!!


~ by tia0220 on March 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Epitomy of Prejudice”

  1. One of my very best friends is black. He is tall, big and just a teddy bear… A few weeks ago when I was back in Ohio something similar happened… we went out with a group of our friends one night when I was in town… T and I were messing around on the streets of good ol’ Toledo, Ohio he was trying to grab me and I was laughing because I was zig zagging on the sidewalk so he couldn’t get me… All of our friends were around us lauging having a good tiem when out of no where 6 police cars surrounded us and grabbed my friend and pushed him against a near by building telling him he was under arrest for assulting me… Recovering from the shock of all of this I said in a very calm voice… Um assult???? We were messing around having a good time… The cop looked at me and said I saw the whole thing he was trying to assult you. I was in shock and disbelief and said no he wasn’t we were having a good time laughing and messing around… did you not notice the rest of our freinds behind us… The cop basically told me that I was being very disrespectful and that I needed to stop talking… all this time the rest of the group was trying to convice teh cops they made a mistake… They took my friend to teh police station downtown to process him and told me that I needed to come along with them to press charges…. I was like what the fuck???? I don’t want to press charges since he didn’t do anything… we went downtown since they had already hauled him down there… because of a very good lawyer friend she was able to get down tehre faster than me and get T out of the holding area… When it came down to it she said it was because T was black and I was white and he was chasing me..even though all of us were lauging have a good time and it was CLEAR that he wasn’t doing anything wrong… they were convinced that he was trying to assult me… It just sucks that no matter what racism is always going to stay…

    • I am so sorry that happened to you. That is absolutely horrible. As we were driving after our incident, he says, “you know stuff like that is goign to continue to happen to us because of who we are.”

      I know this, we get looks, comments, etc more often than not when we are out and about but it’s just so sad to me that it’s 2010 and it stillis going on.

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