After finding out that my brother and his wife were expecting, my mom called me and left me a message on Valentine’s Day to “call me, but if you haven’t talked to your brother, try him first.” I didn’t get the message until Monday morning, I called her back at lunch since our phones were down. I sat at my desk and talked to her for a bit. We caught up some, mostly about happenings in my hometown. For some reason talking to my mom is always “gossip” who died, who’s pregnant, etc. Our converstaion lacks the personal touch.

In our conversation, I told her that we’d moved. She was a bit surprised that I hadn’t told her. She asked for our new address and if it was around the same price, etc. I answered all of her questions and though I know she’s not at all dumb, she never once said anything about my boo (new name for “dude”)living with me. I am assuming she’s choosing to ignore the obvious. This makes me very sad. I was hoping that news of the baby would bring us closer together. Instead as we talked about the possibilities of how the baby would look, act, etc. All she could say to me was that I was going to miss out living so far away.

I guess I still have a glimmer of hope that when WE go home in September that things will be different for us. I hope to see my parents at their home, I want to see my brother’s new home and be there to hold the baby. WE can’t wait to meet OUR niece. I just hope that WE are able to have an enjoyable trip.

(And as a side note: Kelly……..I just approved your comment the other day as life has been VERY hectic lately. I want to tell you thank you very much though! I will be in touch.)


~ by tia0220 on February 26, 2010.

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