Thanksgiving Trip

Last week, Dude and I packed up the car and headed for Iowa. We left around 4pm and got to my aunt’s around 2 am. We immediately turned down the covers and crashed. Unfortunately I had set my alarm on my phone to 7:30 for the morning before so I could get things ready for our trip, and I had forgotten to turn it off so we were wide awake at 6:30 CST. We showered, and got ready for our day. My aunt made us breakfast and  shortly after that she began having awful pains. Her fiance took her to the ER and we began to cook.

We had a great time cooking together, having some cocktails and just enjoying each other’s company. I learned how to make a sweet potato pie and stuffing. I am not a big fan of stuffing and I really don’t like sweet potatotes, but that pie was HEAVENLY! We sat down and had dinner then as we were in the midst of our turkey induced coma, they returned from the hospital and had their dinner.

Friday we took our time getting around since we were so sleep deprived the day before. We went to the mall to see my aunt while she was working for a bit, then we hit up some favorite eateries and headed to New Sharon to see my niece and her family. On the way back through we stopped at my parent’s old restaurant and saw my cousin for a while and ran into a couple old friends. Saturday, I got my haircut, and we went with my aunt and her fiance to take soem engagement pictures and meet some friends at the Festival of Trees. The weather was absolutely gorgeous for our pictures. We went back to the restaurant to see my cousin again Saturday because he’s a lot of fun, and we won’t probably see him again until next September.


~ by tia0220 on December 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “Thanksgiving Trip”

  1. I love the Festival of Tree’s. I usually take my Grandma and Aunt while I am back, but since I went a week early missed it :o(
    Hope your Aunt is feeling better!!
    Sounds like a good Thanksgiving!
    Take care

  2. So you really didn’t see your parents at all while you were there??

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