Taking A Leap

Somedays, I get in a “funk” for no reason. Well, I think it’s no reason. It’s happened again recently. I guess it takes a few days to build up, then eventually I just crack. I’m usually a strong person, but when I’m in my funk, one wrong look is all it takes to make me break down. I also over analyze things when I get i n this mood. I tend to make something out of what would normally be nothing.

With the discussion with my parents the other day, the “fall back” darkness, the majority of my time spent alone, etc, this funk was bound to happen. Dude called today and said maybe we should skip Thanksgiving with my family and go there for Christmas. I can’t get off for that long at Christmas, and driving in the midwest will be more treacherous then than it tends to be around Thanksgiving. That phone call in and of itself sent me ten times further into my funk. At lunch I saw Dude for a brief second, he immediately asked me what was wrong. I told him nothing with as much strength as I could possibly muster. When in reality, right now, right this second, it seems like nothing is right. I came back from lunch and decided that perhaps I should seek a professional for these funk moments I am having. So, I looged onto the Cleveland Clinic website and took a leap of faith. I should hear something in a few days and then maybe I will know what if anything I can do to prevent these moods.



~ by tia0220 on November 10, 2009.

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