Drifting Apart

A couple weeks ago on a Friday night I got a phone call from an old boss of mine. It was midnight and I was apparently already sleeping so I didn’t answer. Last week at some point I remembered that she’d called so I called her back and left a message that I was just checking in, I had seen someone had called, and I hoped all was well.

Yesterday she called me back just as I was walking out the door for my lunch. She was much more than a boss to me. I nannied her children for 4 years. And, the last summer, they took me in while I was going through my first divorce. She was at that point my angel.

Just six months after I left the children, I was planning on moving to Ohio. I was working for her neighbor as an Office Manager and when I came out of the office one Friday night, her son was outside waiting for me. He told me his mom wanted to know if I could come in for a bit. As I crossed the threshold of their driveway I had an eerie sense that something was wrong. And I couldn’t have been more right. Her husband who had spent the last two years working from home had brought me lunch that day. He looked awful…….that evening he called her as she was on her way home from work. She’d ran in the house just two minutes before I got there. He was lying on the couch, and he was gone. I took the kids outside and waited for the ambulance to leave. I put the dog back in the house nad hauled the kids into my car. That night bonded us more than anyone will ever know.

We talk a few times a year, I try to call the kids on their birthdays. I even went to see them last year when I was home for my brother’s wedding. It makes me feel so old. Today, the baby is turning 11. She was just 20 months old when I started.

As we sat yesterday chatting I realized that while we can pick up right where we left off, we were drifting apart. She’s got a new job after being with the same company for 27 years, and she asked me how my crew was. Good I told her, not thinking much of it. Then she asked me if I was still having ot deal with the crazy ex wife. WHOA! I guess I haven’t talked to her in quite sometime! I told her that the ex and I weren’t together and gave her a brief description of what had happened.

It was at the end of our conversation that I decided that I should be making more of a conscience effort to keep in touch with people that I’ve drifted away from. Even if it’s jsut to pick up the phone and say hey. That’s goign to be a new goal of mine.


~ by tia0220 on September 22, 2009.

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  1. I am so, so bad at this, too.

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