The Conversation

……in which I am reminded that I am the family fuck up!

Yesterday I was walking through my office getting ready to head out for the day. I walked by on of our assistant’s desk, and there was salt water taffy. For some reason a light bulb flickered in my head… parents sent me a package of taffy and a hair straightener about a month ago……I never got it. So I was walking to my car from my office when I called my mom. I told her about having never received my package. Hmmm……..”I’ll have to check into that.” So, we chatted for a few more minutes about me having lost weight, their big adventures in farming berries, etc. As I was about to hang up my mom said to me, “Here I am putting you on speaker so your dad can talk to you.”

I get on the phone with him and he begins to tell me that as long as I live here, I am going to be stuck paying the ex’s bills. “You know if you came home we could support you for a long time while you looked for a good job. We have friends that ask about you all the time, it’s not like you wouldn’t have friends here. But, since you are there and we are here we have to do for ourselves. Though I just thought you needed reminder that until you figure things out you are stuck.” Basically it was a well, we’d do anything and everything for you if you were home, but since you have decided to make a go on your own, we will tell you how much you’ve fucked up.

Thank you so much, after the week I’ve had that’s the worst thing I could have heard, but you are my parents and at least you keep in real. I guess all I can say is thanks when I do get my shit straight, you won’t be the first to know!


~ by tia0220 on September 15, 2009.

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