Baby Steps

Last week I called to check in with my parents. We talked about the regular, what had been happening with them, what was going on with me. We talked about my brother and his wife. Mom and dad were on their way to go watch them play softball. The two of them live on the softball fields all season long. We began talking about what was happening in my life, which I don’t ever give them a whole lot of information. I leave the conversation about the dude at a minimum because I know they are less than thrilled.

I could hear my dad in the background talking about a couple things and I was trying to answer him through my mom. She had called me from her cell phone and that one isn’t programmed for my dad’s hearing aid device so it’s pretty pointless for me to try to talk  to him. He asked me about my car and I told him that something was going on with it and I had taken it in and they told me that it would be $250. $250, that I Much to my surprise, my dad said well tell her to go buy the gasket herself and have dude put it on. I about I guess that’s a small step for him “accepting” him. It’s all about baby steps at this point!


~ by tia0220 on September 5, 2009.

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