Something Special

Dude’s birthday is coming up. He’s gotten the BIG part of his birthday present early, but I wanted to have something for him on his birthday. I sat and pondered for quite sometime and all of the sudden it hit me. I will have pictures taken of myself for him. Nothing naughty or dirty, but good pictures that a good photographer takes.

I checked craiglist for anyone that might be good, that’s where I posted when I was shooting photos. I dind’t find anyone that I was really “wowed” with so I posted on CL that I was looking for a photographer. Of course people came out of the woodwork. One person even offered a trade of services, his work for mine. While that wouls be ideal, I wasn’t all that impressed. Then I clicked on this guy and I just KNEW he was for me. I emailed him back and we got the ball rolling on plans for a shoot. I had to get a few things to complete the looks I was hoping to achieve, and then we were set to go.

The more I thought about it, the more excited I got. We were supposed to shoot Sunday……it rained. Now we’re on for the 11th. It’s supposed to rain! Thank goodness dude’s bday isn’t til Labor Day! I have a list at my desk of things I need, changes of clothes, shoes, etc. Shots that I want to get, and places I want to shoot. I think that while initially I was planning on doing this for him for his birthday…….I am doing it more for me. It’s crazy because for the longest, I was not confortable in front of the camera. Now that I’ve lost weight and feel better about myself, I can’t wait!

I would hope that I can share these photos with you once I get them taken. I can’t wait! The photographer and I have been in touch a few times and while I can’t wait to hear his ideas, he’s VERY receptive of mine. He checked out my facebook and told me he likes my “look”. I know that he and I will click and he’ll get great shots. I just pray that it doesn’t rain here Tuesday!


~ by tia0220 on August 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Something Special”

  1. Looking at his portfolio, it looks like he’d be really fun to shoot with!

    • I will be sure to share with you when I get the pics. I am really looking forward to working with him! Have fun in ATL!

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