Missing Pieces Of Home

For some unexplainable reason, this is the time of the year I miss home the most. From mid July to Labor Day. Since I’ve moved to Ohio, I’ve not been home this time of year so I really have NO CLUE as to why this is. I can guess that it’s because I am an Iowa girl, and it’s sweet corn season. I have memories of spending the better part of a week watching my mom blanch corn and take it off the cob, preparing it for the freezer. Maybe my home sickness comes from my LOVE of the state fair and the memories I have from so many hot days I’ve spent there. No matter what it is, I miss home lately. Certainly not enough to move back, but enough to visit.

Yesterday I was talking to my aunt and one of my friends from high school. Both are getting married next year. That means two trips home, and whlie I am missing home, I am already dreading these trips. My aunt told me I could come and stay at her house. I was planning on getting a hotel. As I sat talking to my friend Christian, I thought about the stereotypes that he’s had to overcome with being gay. I wondered if ever, my choices would be accepted. I know the answer, and while it hurts, I have to do for me.

My aunt and I were talking about her wedding and Christian’s and we got on the subject of my brother. He would be at her house later to get his hair cut. I told her to tell him to call me once in a while or to text me, or answer when I called ot text him! She told me that she thought he was pissed at me too. I asked her what he’d be pissed at me for. “Someone told him about dude.” GREAT! My mom made it a point to tell me that she wouldn’t be telling my brother about dude because that would “send him over the edge, and he’d never talk to you again.” My aunt told me that, “he’s so much like your dad it’s not even funny.” I agreed……I mean seriously who at 21 is so set in their mind that they are a die hard republican!? A brainwashed, goody! Oh well, he has his opinions and that’s fine.

I told my aunt that I thougth it was especially weird that he’d have such an issue with something as minor as interracial dating. He was on the college track team, he’s got plenty of friends that are of other reaces. His wife’s best friend is african-american and she only dates white men. Why would he have such an issue with my choices? “Because you are his sister,” she replied to me. Yeah okay, I will give him that. So, now I know why I haven’t gotten responses to my texts I send him, and he never answers his phone. He’s never been a great communicator. But, one of the biggest things I miss about home is my brother. I miss that we pick at each other. I miss him more than anything. I just hope one day we can have half of what we used to!


~ by tia0220 on July 30, 2009.

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