Yesterday I started and deleted a post five times before I actually posted. And I posted that to a) get things off my chest and b) let her know what’s up! As you may have read in one of my first posts, one of my BFF’s introduced me to dude. She worked with his cousin and she and dude’s cousin had kind of been seeing each other off and on. So, dude and I started hanging out more and we “double dated” with them quite a bit, in the beginning. But right around St. Patty’s Day things got a bit weird between all of us. We’d go out and then all of the sudden they’d disappear without even saying goodbye.

One time, the guys were all going to go out with all the boys in the family. No big deal to me, but to her..a different story. She flipped out and didn’t want her guy going out with them. I offered to “babysit” and they said they’d be back to my house around 10. She came over when she got off work and we walked up the street to a bar for a couple drinks. He called her a couple times to “check in” and then at 10, she started calling him. They weren’t ready to come back yet, she freaked out. Once they did get to my house, everything was fine and the four of us went out for breakfast. But, this happens more often than I can count.

In the past month, my supposed BFF hasn’t “talked” to me. She’s always too busy. Her and her guy got engaged, moved, and taken a couple trips. The only thing I ever hear about is the two of them. I am happy for them don’t get me wrong. She’s been through hell and back and this happiness is that she deserves. At the same time though, she’s one of those people who throws themselves wholly into one single person. I’ve been through this with her before. Our friendship wavers from time to time. At times we are extremely close, at others, not so much. The other day I said something to her in complete confidence, something that we’ve always agreed upon. That something involved my dude and his family, which in turn is also her guys family. And, while it wasn’t a BIG deal, it wasn’t supposed to be repeated. I feel completely betrayed that I can no longer trust her with anything I say. It’s unfortunate that we can’t be friends the way we used to be because SHE has chosen to shut everyone out from herself.


~ by tia0220 on July 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “Explaination”

  1. Sorry you are going through all of this. Things are supposed to be SMOOTH, but rarely are. It would help if people kept things in confidence like they say they will, but that rarely happens too. It is sad.
    Hope things get better between you two.
    Take care

    • Thanks Sara! I really thought that being adults we were done with High School drama. I guess some people just can’t leave well enough alone! Things will be fine whether they work themselves out or not I am sure!

  2. I think that’s more common than we’d like to admit when we’re in that “honeymoon” stage of a relationship.

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