Cut Short

When dude and I first discussed going on vacation we were going to go to Iowa, and as I told you that ended up being a not so hot option. So, instead of saying anything to my parents about getting away, I told my aunt. I believe that at least someone should know where you are. She understood my reasoning and I told her that if it came up as to why I wasn’t coming home on the 4th, I would tell my mom.

July 3rd happens to be my mom’s birthday, as dude was relaxing in the jacuzzi, I was rehearsing the “right” words for the phone call. As I dialed the phone, and began talking to my mom she asked what I was doing. “I’m in Michigan. This trip was my birthday present.” I answered a few more of her questions and told her Happy Birthday and that was that.

Monday I called my mom because I had heard that she was upset that I hadn’t called on the 4th. I had talked to her the day before so I didn’t figure it was necessary. Especially since I knew that the whole family would be gathered at my other aunt’s home. This is usually when I call and I am passed from person to person. First of all I was roaming, and secondly, I know that the conversation would be WAY too forced with half of my family. I explained to her that I was roaming and that was why I hadn’t called. I listened to her recollect their weekend, and I waited to see if she’d ask what we’d done. She didn’t, I came out and gave her a very brief update of the things we’d done. She then said to me in the midst of my updating that her phone was getting hot and she should probably go. That was it. I’ve not spoken to her since. I emailed her today. I won’t get a response. I never do when I try to explain the way I feel.


~ by tia0220 on July 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Cut Short”

  1. I’m sorry, babe.

    • It’s okay, I guess I should be used to it. It just really sucks that they are like this. What sucks even worse is that she was so two faced to him while she was here.

      I’ve given up on trying with them!


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