A Football Player??

We had a lot of fun on vacation, but the funnest thing that happened five or six times, was people thought that dude was a football player. He used to play in the “minor” league, but people think he’s the real deal. This happens a lot when dude is out of town, well he said it did, only now I saw it frist hand.

The first encounter was the morning after we checked in, the “inn keeper” said to him, “Excuse me, are you a football player?” He didn’t respond, he just smiled. Then we headed to a gas station to get some gas and some snacks and as we walked in, the man said, “He’s GOT to be a football player, go ask him,” he said to a friend. Neither of them asked and we didn’t acknowledge it. Later we were in the grocery store and the lady ringing us up commented on my Save the ta ta’s t shirt. Then she got a bit off track, catching herself she said, “I am just admiring your bling.” She then asked where mine was, I laughed. After she was all through ringing us up, she leaned into him and she said, “You wouldn’t happen to play in the NFL do you?” He smiled, by now he was playing it up. He looked at her with one finger over her mouth…..”Shhhhhhhhh,” was all he said. She looked at him smiled and whispered, “okay, I won’t tell.” On our way out of the store there were two old men selling VFW raffle tickets betting on just who he was and what team he played for. It was all muttered and neither asked him directly so we went on about our business.

The following day there were murmurs at the horse stable that there may be a football player in the stable. Again, no one asked him directly so we just kept on going about our business, giggling each time we were alone about how people thought he was a football player. He’s like well they either think I am a rapper or a football player because I am blinging. While it was kind of fun, and humorous, people really checked us out. Little did they know, he’s just your average joe.


~ by tia0220 on July 7, 2009.

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