Man! I loved being on vacation, but returning to the normal bump and grind of everyday life really SUCKS! We had a great time relaxing on our getaway. We arrived late in the evening on Wednesday and went straight to sleep. Our day began early and ended later than we’d anticipated, so once we got the our destination we crashed!

We awoke the next morning to a chilly air. We got dressed and got ready to explore our area. We headed into a town about 20 miles from where we were staying. We stopped at the grocery store to get stuff for barbecuing, we stopped and got gas, and then headed back towards our hotel. We made quite a few stops along the way. We went to a few different beaches and campgrounds and just looked around. We stopped at one of the beaches to take some pictures, but the water was cold and it was dreary. We went back got in the jacuzzi and then headed out for some tourist shopping, and dinner. We came back with our dinner and played cards, and just plain old relaxed.

The evening that we got into town, we walked into the office to check in and like all tourist places, there was a wall full of brochures. As soon as dude saw the brightest one there he snatched it off the wall. Horseback riding…….”we have to do this, I’ve never been before!” So Friday after dude soaked in the jacuzzi with a book and a beer, we were off to the horse stables. The weather couldn’t have been better, and our trail ride was fantastic. We had to run back to change since dude wore a white shirt and we went through mud, but then we headed to a lighthouse, the park, the grocery store where another woman asked if he was a football player, (this happened a handful of times while we were there). We took lots more pictures, walked a trail, and even left our grafitti mark at the park. We went to the harbor and sat to watch the sunset and listen to a band that was performing, then we headed back to our hotel to jacuzzi some more.

Saturday we finally had good enough weather to take advantage of the beach. We barbecued in the morning so we wouldn’t have to mess with it once we got back from the beach. I was on a mission for a tan. Dude however, wanted to find shade and read his book. That’s exactly what we did. We found a spot that both of us agreed on, and while he laid there and read, I tried to get a tan. We headed out into the water in the early evening and took a quick swim. The water wasn’t deep and once you got acclimated, wasn’t actually too bad. We came back to dry off and dude looked over at me and said, “lets build a sand castle.” I assured him that I’d been joking the other day when I asked him if I needed to buy buckets. He was dead serious though. So, he drew a great big heart in the sand and started making a “sand castle”. Then we had to of course get back in the water to clean off. I’ve never had so much fun in the water before. We did handstands, sommersaults, had contests to see who could stay under the longest. I felt like a little kid again. We went back to the room, had our dinner, took a cat nap, then headed out our door for fireworks.

Sunday we packed up all of our things and headed for home! While it is great to be back, I wish it could have been longer. He said to me on the way out the door, “maybe we should stay one more night.” Oh, how I’d have loved to! While we’ve made it back and gotten back into the “norm”, there’s still a part of me that wishes while looking at these pictures that I were still on vacation! The weirdest part is going back to our separate every day lives, and going from spending an amazing 5 days together to our hectic lives that allow us only a couple times a week. I am hoping that will soon change after our vacation. Here are a couple of my favorites from our trip……in case you don’t have time to flickr. vacation 38

vacation 30

vacation 100


~ by tia0220 on July 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Vacation”

  1. The two of you together is just way to cute!!!!

  2. Sounds like you had an awesome vacation!!
    Great photo’s too. You look very happy!!
    Take care

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