Apparently It Wasn’t Meant To Be

I woke up Thursday morning, a fresh and excited 30 years old. I got ready for work, packed the jello shots and went about my morning routine. Shortly before I left for work, the day started going downhill. I got my morning text from my bank………my check was shorted nearly $200. Fantastic! I called to see how I could remedy the situation, 4-6 weeks! LOVELY!

I got to work and thought it odd that I hadn’t heard from dude already, he usually calls me between 6 and 7. But, I know that he’s been busy at work so I went about my business. At nearly 9 he called. I wasn’t at my desk, but he left me a message………Happy Birthday Baby, I love you. I talked to him a bit later, and he told me that he’d talked to his cousin and that my girlfriend that he’s engaged to was sick. I got texts from a couple of my other girlfriends who were also not feeling well. By 2:30pm, I was ditched, and had no plans for my 30th bday. I left work, ran a few errands, and headed home. Dude was supposed to have been to my house by 5, then he called and said 6. I think that it was closer to 7, but he cooked me dinner and we watched movies and hung out.

Friday we went shopping for a few things for when we go out of town, then we went on our way. Saturday, I did nothing all day and yesterday after dude was done at work, he came over, I made dinner then we went to the beach. We took our books and laid out on the beach and read, it was a nice relaxing time, but it wasn’t really how I had expected my birthday weekend to play out.


~ by tia0220 on June 29, 2009.

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