One More Week

Technically in less than one week, I will be embracing a milestone birthday. I don’t have much planned for my birthday. Some friends and I are going out, it’s ladies night so we’ll be drinking for free and having a great time. I took the following day off so that I could sleep in with dude since he’s off that day. I need to do a tad bit of shopping for my vacation. All my summer clothes fall off me. It’s a good thing, don’t get me wrong, but I need deeper pockets! I’ve watched as many of my friends have already had their 30th birthday. I’ve pondered as to whether or not I was looking forward to this “big one”, and in the past couple months, I can honestly say that I absolutely CAN NOT wait to be 30! Forty is the new thirty so perhaps thirty is the new twenty!? We’ll soon find out.

When my second marriage to DB began to falter, I was very weary of this upcoming birthday, however in the past couple months I’ve become a new person. My attitude is different, I am more confident, and I know that the next years of my life are going to be fabulous. With that being said, I’ve made a “bucket” list of sorts. In the next decade, I hope to accomplish these 30 things.

  1. see each state in the US (I have 5 left)
  2. earn a Bachelor’s degree – in what I have no idea
  3. start a successful photography studio
  4. get out of debt
  5. become a mother – even if it’s on my own.
  6. travel to Europe
  7. see the Eiffel Tower
  8. visit ancient Rome
  9. sky dive
  10. volunteer with Big Brothers/Big Sisters (currently working on this)
  11. start getting my body toned……
  12. get a tattoo that I’ve been wanting FOREVER
  13. repair my relationships with family members, IF ONLY they’d talk to me!
  14. Purchase a fixer upper home
  15. Fix it up myself – well for the most part
  16. build myself a scrap/craft room
  17. Learn how to REALLY golf
  18. so that I can go golfing with my little brother on his course
  19. go on a cruise with girlfriends
  20. do a scrapbook all about me
  21. learn to play the guitar
  22. ride RAGBRAI
  23. finish all of Nora Roberts’ books
  24. purchase a classic car
  25. follow my faith
  26. ride Sturgis on my own bike
  27. spend the weekend in NYC doing nothing but photographing anything and everything.
  28. become the proud owner of Indians season tickets……unless they really suck!
  29. Love everyone equally
  30. spend a week on the beach preferrably in a hammock with a stack of great books.

~ by tia0220 on June 18, 2009.

One Response to “One More Week”

  1. Awesome bucket list!! I hope you get to do all that stuff and MORE!!
    Take care

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