What Would People Say!?

I’ve written on my other blog about being from a small town and I’ve also said that while I know that my dad isn’t quite “alright” with the interracial dating scene, it’s more about what other people would say or think. Being from a smalll town and my parents having the social status that they do, it’s all about that.

Yesterday I was talking to my aunt…..she’s cool with the whole thing. She’s the one that’s carried the blame on my being the “bad girl”. She had spoken to my other aunt about me and the possibility of me coming home for the 4th of July. My “cool” aunt N, is the older of the three sisters. My mom is the middle, more of the matriarch, and my aunt P, well she’s the “queen”. Apparently, in the midst of their conversation, P had said something about she just couldn’t believe it. N, because she likes to stir things up says, “I know what would people say when they saw them in town?!” P, says, “I KNOW! COULD YOU IMAGINE WHAT PEOPLE WOULD THINK?” Seriously!? That’s what it’s all about.

N doesn’t live in my hometown anymore, and she agrees that I shouldn’t move home! She takes risks, and she’s been through some hellacious times in life. I think that’s why we can relate to each other so well. Whereas, my parents and P and her family have pretty much ALWAYS been in my town. And now that P’s husband owns my parent’s restaurant, she’s caught up in all the “what would people say and think” BS. If only they’d all realize that everyone does have more important things to do in their life besides gossip. And really, if they have something to say, they’ll say it and it will be done and over with.

Dude still really wanted to go home to Iowa to see where I grew up and meet the cool people in my family. He also has a goal to try to break the wall down that my father currently has put up. My mom’s already told N that she absolutely WILL NOT talk to my brother because he would never talk to me again. Which is complete bull shit as well since he was on a college track team and many of his friends were black. I talked to my mom last week and asked her what she was doing for the 4th. She told me that she didn’t know because they never plan anything out that far in advance. She asked why I would ask. I told her that dude wanted to bring me home so I could be home around all our birthday’s and for the 4th. She told me she’d talk to my dad. The next day she told me that neither of them got any sleep and that she didn’t think it would be a good idea, though they’d love to have ME.


~ by tia0220 on June 17, 2009.

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